Waterproof Paper Coasters

I bought a set of Tin Tin coasters from Belgium last year when I was on holiday. The coasters are pretty BUT they are made of paper! If I place any cold drinks on them, the coasters would be ruin. Hence, I have been toying with the idea of coating the coasters with resin to... Continue Reading →

It’s the thought that counts

I saw these pouches at Daiso and they were like calling out to me. Of course, I couldn't resist not buying them.  So I bought two of them, added a quote and customised the pouches with my friend's name. They look even prettier now...haha! p/s dearies...if you are reading my post, it's not about the cost...it's the thought... Continue Reading →

Heartwarming Magnets

These magnets are one of my all time favourite creations...as I love its warm colours and heartwarming feel. I made them randomly using paper and glass dome. The pictures were not drawn by me...though I wish I had such ability. The pictures were from a letter pad that I have kept for the longest time. I... Continue Reading →

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