Nutritious Lunch Jar

My friend, Shumei, asked if I could make a name label for her DIY lunch jar and of course I agreed. I gave her the label and she pasted it on her lunch jar. She even took these photos to show me. Honestly, her lunch looks deliciously healthy!

Shaolin Master to the Rescue

I chanced upon these cute little handphone holders and bought it for my uncle who teaches martial arts in Canada. I bought him two holders so that he can place one at his workplace and the other one at home. Of course, I couldn't resist not customising the holders before giving it to him...heehee! Although my... Continue Reading →

Jars of Appreciation

I'm not someone who is good with words so expressing my gratitude and appreciation with notes and cards simply aren't my forte. Instead, I prefer to make little handmade gifts. Hence, when I saw these two cute quotes online, I decided to use them for a jar label. Just wanted to say a very BIG Thank... Continue Reading →

Polymer Clay Bread Label

I always wanted to try to use polymer clay to make something...but somehow I never seem to be able to get started even though I bought the clay months ago. Then my mum bought a new bread container at sale. The bread container actually looks great except for the logo. Finally, I found the reason to try out my polymer clay.... Continue Reading →

Sprucing up CNY Containers

We usually try to reuse containers from the Chinese New Year goodies but the red lid simply didn't fit in or at least that's how I feel. So I painted the lid and added a label for the container. Now it fits in perfectly =)

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