Snoopy & Charlie Brown…

All this drawings began because I wanted to brighten up my colleague's work area which was previously a graveyard... I drew Snoopy because she likes Snoopy...and it is easy to draw. Plus since our work areas are connected, I have to draw something that I also like NO sponge bob! But after looking at... Continue Reading →

Birdie Birdie Birdie…

This doodle is inspired from an art exhibition that I want to go to (but haven't found time to go yet) and probably also from my colleagues, who seem to love birds...especially J who has many little cute birdies on her table. 

A Sketch of Us

This year, we will be away for Christmas so I made him an X'mas gift in advance. I am really not talented in drawing portraits and this is already my best. After completing my drawing, I bought an asymmetrical wooden photo frame and added some words in silver vinyl. This idea was actually shared with me... Continue Reading →

My Mediocre Drawing

I drew this portrait of a good friend when I was trying to pass time. Since young, I have been terrible at drawing portraits and I guess this is one of the very few portraits that I will ever draw.

Heartwarming Magnets

These magnets are one of my all time favourite I love its warm colours and heartwarming feel. I made them randomly using paper and glass dome. The pictures were not drawn by me...though I wish I had such ability. The pictures were from a letter pad that I have kept for the longest time. I... Continue Reading →

Happy Teachers’ Day

Somehow apples just remind me of teachers so I drew this to wish all teachers a very Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you for your dedication, time, patience and love for all your students!  

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