Four-leaf Clover Coaster

Whenever anyone tells me he/she needs more luck, the four-leaf clover comes straight to my mind as it is one of the most common good luck symbols.

4 Leaf Clover

So I decided to draw some four-leaf clovers onto this plain round cork coaster. I think it would be a great gift for the next person who tells me he/she needs more good luck 😉



Waterproof Paper Coasters

I bought a set of Tin Tin coasters from Belgium last year when I was on holiday. The coasters are pretty BUT they are made of paper! If I place any cold drinks on them, the coasters would be ruin.

Hence, I have been toying with the idea of coating the coasters with resin to make them waterproof. And finally, I had the time to test out my idea.

Before that, I added a different quote on each of the four coasters as the quotes not only suited the pictures but made them utterly unique =)

TinTin Coasters with Quotes

Then, I used resin to coat the surface of the coasters. Now my coasters look pretty, glossy and waterproof (I know the difference is not obvious from the photos…one is matte while the other is glossy and a little more 3-D). Hmm…I was even thinking that maybe I should use them as wall decorations instead of coasters…haha!

Waterproof Tin Tin Coasters with Quotes

The downside of using resin is that the coasters require quite a lot of resin to coat its surface and resin is not that cheap here. I guess it is possible to use mod podge hard coat instead which is less time consuming and easier to manage. I think I’ll try using that for the rest of my paper coasters.

Freshly Baked…

I have been really busy with work and I know it has been ages since I last posted. Thankfully, I’m having a break this week to finally do things that I like.

Baking to me is a process…

  1. Baking
  2. Taking photos of my cookies (which are placed on the new plates that I bought from Daiso)
  3. Seeing the number of cookies deplete day by day (thanks to the cookie monster in my home).

I followed this chocolate chip cookie recipe as it was stated as “Top secret recipes version of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies” and I simply love their cookies.

BUT…my cookies did not taste like the Famous Amos Cookies though they did turned out quite crunchy and not too sweet which I like.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

V-day Breakfast On-The-Go


Made this On-The-Go V-day breakfast for hubby to bring to work as he has no time to eat breakfast at home. Minion is one of his favourite cartoon characters while nutella, butter and sugar are his favourite spreads. Hope he has a sumptuous and sweet breakfast!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine School of Fish


Valentine’s Day is approaching so I made some presents for my friends. I designed the containers and ziplock bags and filled it with cute cheesy fish biscuits that I bought from cold storage.

It’s just my little way of showing appreciation to those around me =)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

“Watermelon” Treats


My nieces and nephew are coming over to visit me this Chinese New Year so I thought it would be a great time to try out this recipe. I modified the recipe here and there according to the ingredients that I had at the moment.

The best thing about this recipe is that accuracy isn’t that important as nothing much can go wrong (i.e. final result is either more sweet & sticky or less sweet & sticky). I didn’t even bother measuring any of the ingredients…heehee…and it still turned out fine!



Origami Fortune God

Origami Fortune God.jpg

I’ve been so busy recently that I have no time to make anything. Although I saw a youtube video on how to fold a fortune god, I simply couldn’t find any time to try it out. Luckily, my mum learned how to fold the fortune god from some activity centre and made one for me. Thanks Mum!

So all I did was to colour the sleeves in gold (because I feel that gold is more auspicious than white), colour the white face in light pink (to give the Fortune God some radiance) and draw in the expression of the fortune god. Ta-da! It’s done! I’m so looking forward to the Chinese New Year break!


Fitness Bag of Wisdom

fitness-bag-of-wisdomfitness-bag-of-wisdom-2Attitude quotes are my favourite so I bought this bag just to fit a quote that was shared to me by a sports fanatic. Moreover, the expression on the cat is simply adorable and priceless…hee! This bag is definitely for cat lovers and sports fanatics! (honestly, I would use it as my exercise bag…but too bad…I don’t really exercise…hee!).

To purchase the bag, check it out here =)