For the Cute Little Darling…

I bought this for cute little Nicholas darling whom I haven't got a chance to visit yet. And to make it special, I added his name on it. He would look so handsome in this 🙂 Now, all I need to do is visit him! Wait for me dear...I'm coming!

Customised Lunch Bag II

Last year, I designed a lunch bag for an endearing little girl but it is spoilt due to wear and tear. So this year, I designed another one for her Children's Day present. Hope she likes it 🙂

Every Ending has a New Beginning

One of my colleagues is leaving and I wanted to make her something special. I'm not good with words so I don't like writing cards. I finally decided to give her a customised bottle filled with mini m & m and a name label so that she can place it at her new workplace.Wishing her... Continue Reading →

Nutritious Lunch Jar

My friend, Shumei, asked if I could make a name label for her DIY lunch jar and of course I agreed. I gave her the label and she pasted it on her lunch jar. She even took these photos to show me. Honestly, her lunch looks deliciously healthy!

Customised Unity Candle

My girly is finally getting married and I'm extremely happy for her. I asked if she needed any help with her wedding and she only asked if I could help customise a unity candle for her. I honestly didn't know what a unity candle was so I googled it. She also helped by providing me... Continue Reading →

Waterproof Paper Coasters

I bought a set of Tin Tin coasters from Belgium last year when I was on holiday. The coasters are pretty BUT they are made of paper! If I place any cold drinks on them, the coasters would be ruin. Hence, I have been toying with the idea of coating the coasters with resin to... Continue Reading →

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