For the Cute Little Darling…

I bought this for cute little Nicholas darling whom I haven't got a chance to visit yet. And to make it special, I added his name on it. He would look so handsome in this 🙂 Now, all I need to do is visit him! Wait for me dear...I'm coming!

Customised Lunch Bag II

Last year, I designed a lunch bag for an endearing little girl but it is spoilt due to wear and tear. So this year, I designed another one for her Children's Day present. Hope she likes it 🙂

Four Leaf Clover Keychain

I had this idea of making a four leaf clover keychain in my head for the longest time. But as usual, I can't seem to find the time. Finally, thanks to the public holiday, I had some spare time. I cut out felt using my Cricut machine, stitched the felt together and added some green beans inside. I... Continue Reading →

Fitness Bag of Wisdom

Attitude quotes are my favourite so I bought this bag just to fit a quote that was shared to me by a sports fanatic. Moreover, the expression on the cat is simply adorable and priceless...hee! This bag is definitely for cat lovers and sports fanatics! (honestly, I would use it as my exercise bag...but too... Continue Reading →

Buntings by Pyone

I'm extremely excited and honoured to invite my first guest blogger, Pyone, who will be blogging on her handmade Buntings. Thanks dearie *muackz* Friends, Kids and Buntings! Over a month ago, I was in Singapore to attend Germz’s wedding. I had not been back in Singapore for over eight years, and what a fantastic reason to... Continue Reading →

Merry Merry Christmas

I made my Stylish Family of 3 Snowman as a gift but had some remaining material left so I made just one more snowman and posted it on Carousell (I did not have time to blog about it). Then, to my surprise, I received an order of 12 snowman within a day. So I began sourcing for the materials... Continue Reading →

Cat with a Bag of Personality

I saw a quote online ("The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality") and wanted to make a t-shirt for a friend using the quote as he said that he would wear it. However, I didn't manage to get a suitable t-shirt for him yet. Then I bought this... Continue Reading →

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