Guitar Memento

My friend wanted to give her students a farewell gift. And after researching online, I thought it didn’t seem too difficult to make a polymer clay guitar memento. So I happily told her that I will try it out and make 10 guitars memento for her.

What I didn’t foresee is that making stuff with polymer clay isn’t really my forte. Firstly, I had difficulty gauging the correct thickness of the polymer clay. Also, I didn’t have a pasta machine to help me roll out the clay evenly and I had to use a rolling pin instead. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I made numerous mistakes and had to redo the guitars numerous times.

After the many trial and errors…these are the final products. Though they’re still quite far from perfection…it’s really my best already. Hopefully, her students will like it =)

Guitar Memento (2)



2 thoughts on “Guitar Memento

  1. Thanks Germaine for trying numerous time to make it as perfect as possible! They are very pretty and special guitars that I’m sure my students will like it. Made with so much effort, they are definitely 100 marks in my heart!

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