“Watermelon” Treats


My nieces and nephew are coming over to visit me this Chinese New Year so I thought it would be a great time to try out this recipe. I modified the recipe here and there according to the ingredients that I had at the moment.

The best thing about this recipe is that accuracy isn’t that important as nothing much can go wrong (i.e. final result is either more sweet & sticky or less sweet & sticky). I didn’t even bother measuring any of the ingredients…heehee…and it still turned out fine!



Origami Fortune God

Origami Fortune God.jpg

I’ve been so busy recently that I have no time to make anything. Although I saw a youtube video on how to fold a fortune god, I simply couldn’t find any time to try it out. Luckily, my mum learned how to fold the fortune god from some activity centre and made one for me. Thanks Mum!

So all I did was to colour the sleeves in gold (because I feel that gold is more auspicious than white), colour the white face in light pink (to give the Fortune God some radiance) and draw in the expression of the fortune god. Ta-da! It’s done! I’m so looking forward to the Chinese New Year break!


Fitness Bag of Wisdom

fitness-bag-of-wisdomfitness-bag-of-wisdom-2Attitude quotes are my favourite so I bought this bag just to fit a quote that was shared to me by a sports fanatic. Moreover, the expression on the cat is simply adorable and priceless…hee! This bag is definitely for cat lovers and sports fanatics! (honestly, I would use it as my exercise bag…but too bad…I don’t really exercise…hee!).

To purchase the bag, check it out here =)

Buntings by Pyone

I’m extremely excited and honoured to invite my first guest blogger, Pyone, who will be blogging on her handmade Buntings. Thanks dearie *muackz*

Friends, Kids and Buntings!

Over a month ago, I was in Singapore to attend Germz’s wedding. I had not been back in Singapore for over eight years, and what a fantastic reason to return for a visit! Having spent my childhood there, I’ve been blessed to grow up with a utopia of food choices and to appreciate multiculturalism. In the short four days’ trip, my partner and I managed to chow down an assortment of hawker fare and catch up with my dearest childhood friends!

The majority of my childhood friends are now either married or have kids. Having not attended their weddings or met their bubs when they were first born, I thought I’d make them some gifts. Not that I am super crafty like gemzpire!

So when I returned to Australia, I searched under our bed for my sewing machine, which I had tucked away for nearly two years, dusted the cover and started bunting-ing again. Here’s how I went…



  • Pen or Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • A4 piece of cardboard / the back of a note pad
  • 1m x 50cm Printed Fabric – two patterns or more
  • 3m Fabric Ribbon
  • Sewing machine – I guess you could hand-stitch if you are extra keen!



Step 1: Take a piece of cardboard and draw a triangle using a ruler. I used the following dimensions: 13 cm (bottom), 14 cm (centre) and 15.2 cm (sides).


Step 2: Cut the triangle out and use it to trace over the fabric. Since really plush fabric is pricey, I suggest working out beforehand how you could get the most out of each piece. Make sure you use as much as possible!


Step 3: Once all the triangles are cut, take two triangles with the printed side facing each other, and sew them together inside out.


Step 4: Turn them inside out again so that the printed sides are right way up. Get a contrasting fabric ribbon large enough to cover the bottom of each triangle when folded in half. Pin each triangle with roughly equal gaps between them. I like to leave some room at the ends so that the bunting can be tied up or pinned as wished.


Step 5: Time to sew again! I can’t sew straight but the important thing is just to make sure the ribbon holds each triangle steady.

Bunting done! Wrap with kindness and give to your loved ones. This one is heading to Singapore.


Shaolin Master to the Rescue



I chanced upon these cute little handphone holders and bought it for my uncle who teaches martial arts in Canada. I bought him two holders so that he can place one at his workplace and the other one at home.

Of course, I couldn’t resist not customising the holders before giving it to him…heehee! Although my uncle doesn’t like to be called “Master”, I feel that Master Tan suits him best!