Stylish Family of 3 Snowman

I wanted to buy a Christmas gift for someone who has been very generous and kind towards me but did not know what to get for her. Then I chanced upon a website on how to DIY snowman using socks and decided to make a family of snowman for her.

I improvised the snowman with materials that I had and bought new socks to create the style that I want. I really like how the snowman turned out, different from the usual cutie ones. It looks simple yet stylish, which reminds me exactly of her. Each snowman is also customised to look like her family members. The father snowman looks smart in blue and black, the mother snowman looks elegant, and the little snowman looks sweet in her favourite pink.


I think my snowman has a Japanese style (must be my desire to go for holiday in Japan flowing into my subconscious) and some Hello Kitty feel (lack of mouth, speaks from the heart).

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