Merry Merry Christmas

I made my Stylish Family of 3 Snowman as a gift but had some remaining material left so I made just one more snowman and posted it on Carousell (I did not have time to blog about it). Then, to my surprise, I received an order of 12 snowman within a day. So I began sourcing for the materials... Continue Reading →

A Sketch of Us

This year, we will be away for Christmas so I made him an X'mas gift in advance. I am really not talented in drawing portraits and this is already my best. After completing my drawing, I bought an asymmetrical wooden photo frame and added some words in silver vinyl. This idea was actually shared with me... Continue Reading →

It’s the thought that counts

I saw these pouches at Daiso and they were like calling out to me. Of course, I couldn't resist not buying them.  So I bought two of them, added a quote and customised the pouches with my friend's name. They look even prettier now...haha! p/s dearies...if you are reading my post, it's not about the's the thought... Continue Reading →

Cat with a Bag of Personality

I saw a quote online ("The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality") and wanted to make a t-shirt for a friend using the quote as he said that he would wear it. However, I didn't manage to get a suitable t-shirt for him yet. Then I bought this... Continue Reading →

Stylish Family of 3 Snowman

I wanted to buy a Christmas gift for someone who has been very generous and kind towards me but did not know what to get for her. Then I chanced upon a website on how to DIY snowman using socks and decided to make a family of snowman for her. I improvised the snowman with... Continue Reading →

Final Season Collection (HJ VI)

I'm officially bored of making jewellery so I guess this will be my last handmade jewellery collection unless I receive more make to order pieces or when I'm in the jewellery making mood again. After telling hubby about this,  he told me that I should NEVER start a business as 1) My interest wears off too... Continue Reading →

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