Stubbornness Pays Off

I was talking to a girly about my creations and she commented that she liked the earrings that I made but does not have any earring holes. She is SO stubborn that I know she will not bother to go pierce her ears despite my constant nagging. So I made this pair of earrings specially for her instead and mailed it to her for Christmas (Babe…if you read this, I forgot to include a card along with earrings before happily sealing up the envelope…think I’m getting OLD…but I’m sure you will know it’s from me right…hee!).  

Japanese Inspired Floral Clip On Earrings


I made just one more pair of clip on earrings for those who like earrings but refuse to get their ears pierced, just like my girly 😉

Check it out below…

Japanese Inspired Colourful Floral Clip On Earrings @ $12.90


Dimension: approximately 1.5 cm in diameter
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Free delivery within Singapore via normal postage

International registered article (5 – 14 working days) + SGD $4                    Small Buy Now Button

For international shipping, please first select your item and click “Buy Now” and then select “Buy Now” again at the International registered article. (Sorry for the hassle).

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