Canvas Wedding Guest Book


I wanted a unique guest book that will not be left somewhere collecting dust but could be displayed at home instead. So I drew this…which took me zillions of years as it’s really quite boring after some time to keep drawing circles. I drew this picture on A4 and enlarged it to A3 to fit the canvas.

I tried using the mod podge photo transfer to transfer the image onto the canvas. BUT…I failed. If you look closely, there is a tear and multiple air bubbles within the picture. I tried again on a new canvas this time, making an effort to ensure that there were no air bubbles BUT I failed again. This time the image didn’t get transferred onto the canvas fully.


Finally, I decided to simply decoupage the image onto the canvas directly and thankfully, it looks much better…though I would have preferred a more vintage look.

Decoupage Guest Book.jpg


Lastly, I added a washi tape around the side of the canvas to complete the guest book.


I am going to provide my guests with silver and gold metallic permanent ink felt tip pens to sign on the canvas. I know that they will probably have to squeeze in their signature…but I’m so looking forward to turning the guest book into an art piece that can be hung on my wall. *fingers crossed*



2 thoughts on “Canvas Wedding Guest Book

  1. Hey! I read somewhere that laser printed images transfer better than our regular home inkjet printers. Maybe that is why? I failed to transfer my photos using inkjet and mod podge too 🙂

    By the way, that’s a really cute design!

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    1. I did use laser printer to print out the image…but somehow it still didn’t work out…haha! Maybe I will try again with something smaller and easier to manage another time.


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