A New Beginning Angbao Box

Recently, I have been doing many wedding DIY projects and honestly I am too tired and have no more ideas left on how to decorate an angbao box. Moreover, the angbao box provided by the hotel looks quite decent.

Anyway, I finally decided to add on some cute little things on the angbao box to give it a warm winter feel. I bought the DIY miniature house online and realised that assembling miniature stuff isn’t that easy after all. Then I made the words using polymer clay and added some lace around the cover. I know there are many imperfections…but at least it’s definitely unique and one of a kind =)


I told hubby that I am going to sell the angbao box on carousell after our wedding as I took so much effort in making it and don’t want to waste it. Drop me a message if you are interested in getting it šŸ˜‰

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