Heartwarming Magnets in Customised Boxes


Recently, I received a text from a friend asking me if the magnets on my blog were for sale and if yes, she would like to order all 3 sets. She also asked if I could customise the magnets for her but I told her that the magnets were already made, so it is not possible to customise them now. Instead, I bought 3 sweet floral boxes and customised her friends’ name on top of each box.

I love the colour combination of the final product, gold & pink name label, bright floral box and warm coloured magnets =)

One thought on “Heartwarming Magnets in Customised Boxes

  1. Really like the magnets when I first saw them…I only requested Germaine to put them in boxes and write my friends’ names on the boxes. The end product was tastefully done and delivered beyond my expectations! You can count on her for her creativity, looking forward to more of her creations.=)

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