A New Beginning Angbao Box

Recently, I have been doing many wedding DIY projects and honestly I am too tired and have no more ideas left on how to decorate an angbao box. Moreover, the angbao box provided by the hotel looks quite decent. Anyway, I finally decided to add on some cute little things on the angbao box to give... Continue Reading →

Jars of Appreciation

I'm not someone who is good with words so expressing my gratitude and appreciation with notes and cards simply aren't my forte. Instead, I prefer to make little handmade gifts. Hence, when I saw these two cute quotes online, I decided to use them for a jar label. Just wanted to say a very BIG Thank... Continue Reading →

Layer Yoghurt Birthday Cake in a Jar

I wanted to bake some chocolate cookies for my friend's birthday. BUT...after watching a documentary on the appalling amount of sugar intake in our daily life, I changed my mind. I decided to make a healthy, frozen yoghurt layer cake instead. I followed this simple recipe (though it is quite time consuming due to the... Continue Reading →

Things I do when I’m Bored

I haven't been doodling much recently as I have so many things that I need to do. Doodling is actually quite therapeutic for me as it helps to take my mind off other things and focus only on my drawing. This is very helpful for me as I have difficulty not thinking about anything (that's why... Continue Reading →

One of a kind Dangling Earrings

A dear friend's birthday is just round the corner but as usual, I did not know what to get for her. So I decided to make her this pair of blue floral dangling earrings. My girly's dressing is very classy and hopefully this pair of earrings will suit her style. Since I'm in the mood to... Continue Reading →

Little Bag of Happiness

Food makes me HAPPY!!! And that's how I came up with this lunch bag design. I bought a bag from Art Friend...which I think is the most frequent shop that I go to these days. I actually shop for more craft stuff than clothes!!! It's so unbelievable! Anyway, I designed this lunch bag as a... Continue Reading →

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