DIY Spinning Pinwheel

Pinwheels are really pretty and are actually quite easy to make. Moreover, there are lots of instructional videos and templates available online. I followed this link to make mine.

Despite following the steps in the video, my pinwheel couldn’t spin very well. After multiple trial and errors, I realise that adding an eyelet seems to work best for me. I place the paper through the eyelet and sort of hammer it down so that the eyelet will hold the paper in place.

After that, I put a big pin through the eyelet and poke it gently into the eraser part of the pencil. For me…this additional step of adding the eyelet is the key to making my pinwheel spin.

To view a video of the spinning pinwheels, visit and like my facebook page at

I bought the eyelets for this purpose and now I have so many left…for those who know me personally, do let me know if you want them k. For J who claims that she is my loyal fan who reads my every post…I can make this for your wedding deco if you want  ðŸ˜‰

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