Simple DIY phone case decoration

It all started when my old phone case chipped…and M ordered a new translucent phone case for me online. When I received my new case, it looks boring…so I decided to beautify it a little and created this.

iphone cover

I cut out scrapbook paper and stick black adhesive vinyl of a quote that I like onto the paper and its done! I could have printed the quote on the paper but I wanted a slightly more 3D feel so I used vinyl instead.

The best part about using a translucent/transparent phone case is I can create and change the design anytime I like and it doesn’t cost much.

So after a few weeks, I created another design. This time I drew my design, scanned (because I wanted to keep the original drawing) and printed it on silver construction paper. Then I cut it out.

DIY iphone cover

A friend saw and commented that she can tell it’s hand drawn as the circles are not perfectly round but to me…a little imperfection is what makes it perfect!

Subsequently, my mum saw how easy it was to decorate a phone case and asked me to design one for her…and so her wish was my command.

What I did

  1. Draw a picture and scan it (because I want to keep the original drawing).
  2. Print 2 versions of a picture (1 original, 1 with sepia filter) on a white construction paper.

Photo 21-8-16, 11 56 48 AM

3. Measure and cut out the pictures in the dimension of the phone cover.

4. Place the paper into the transparent case and it’s done!

Now my mum can use whichever design she wants and maybe when I have more inspirations, I will design another new phone case for her.



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