Personalised Attitude Bag

As I’m recently into iron-on, I bought a bag online to try and personalise it. I wish I can sew, then I can sew my own tote bags (as I’m a bag lover)…BUT somehow the sewing machine and I do not get along.

This is a reversible bag but I prefer this “heads” side as it somehow has more character.


So I begin the design for my iron-on. I love quotes with an attitude and decide to go with the quote “I don’t care what you think about ME.” I feel that it fits the design of the bag and my personality.

Here’s the completed attitude bag…


THEN…I realised a mistake. The “heads” were all upside down!!! 

I didn’t notice that the bag had 2 DIFFERENT sides…1 with the heads facing the right way and the other one with the heads facing the opposite direction. Thankfully, the quote made the mistake look perfectly fine…and gave it a more attitude feel.

I carried my bag out the next day and asked 2 friends to spot the mistake and they couldn’t. They thought that the heads were intentionally in the opposite direction.

YEAH! I’m happy with my new ATTITUDE bag!


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