Customised Baby Romper with matching Bib

My girly has invited me over to her place for her son’s baby shower so I thought it would be nice to customise a baby romper and bib for her little handsome boy, Elijah.

I ordered the heat transfer vinyl from and went shopping for a baby romper and bib. It’s amazing how much difficulty I had shopping for baby clothing…e.g. I didn’t know where was a good place to get baby clothing (because I do most of my own shopping online but it was too late to buy online now) and there were like soooo many sizes!!! Finally, I bought a romper and bib from a shop at Wisma after sending multiple photos and texting a friend for opinion.

This is my first time using heat transfer vinyl and yes…I’m a little apprehensive. I cut the glitter vinyl with my cutter and carefully place it on the clothing before ironing it on.

Of course I tried on the bib first…

Customised Baby Bib

Yeah…it looks great! And so I moved on to the romper…

Hee…I’m actually quite pleased with the results and I especially love the turquoise glitter. I think I should customise a t-shirt or bag for myself next… ….

I read online that it is best to hand wash iron-on clothing…but that’s such a hassle. Other alternatives include turning the clothing inside out before wash, use gentle machine wash and never to iron on the design directly.



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