DIY Spinning Pinwheel

Pinwheels are really pretty and are actually quite easy to make. Moreover, there are lots of instructional videos and templates available online. I followed this link to make mine. Despite following the steps in the video, my pinwheel couldn't spin very well. After multiple trial and errors, I realise that adding an eyelet seems to work best... Continue Reading →

Story of my Pawrents

I was thinking about the decoration for our wedding reception and decided to make a vintage style banner. Then we started brainstorming and the "Ah-Ha" moment occurred when the phrase "Story of my Pawrents" came to our minds. We both are definitely dog lovers but the hotel does not allow us to bring our dog for the wedding... Continue Reading →

Rainbow & Polka Dot Bookmarks

I have a soft spot for stationery especially papers and stickers. I was joking with my friends that I can open up a stationery shop with all my stationery! Oh no...maybe I have unknowingly developed a hoarding disorder! Anyway, I bought some new colour papers and decided to make a few more customised bookmarks. Love... Continue Reading →

Unique finds…

My mum recently came back from her holiday in Spain and bought these two tiles of our initials. I wish she had bought more! The colours are beautifully vibrant and I was trying to see where it fits best in my home. Finally...I decided that it goes best with my kitchen tiles, spicing up the kitchen with its... Continue Reading →

Heartwarming Magnets

These magnets are one of my all time favourite I love its warm colours and heartwarming feel. I made them randomly using paper and glass dome. The pictures were not drawn by me...though I wish I had such ability. The pictures were from a letter pad that I have kept for the longest time. I... Continue Reading →

Simple DIY phone case decoration

It all started when my old phone case chipped...and M ordered a new translucent phone case for me online. When I received my new case, it looks I decided to beautify it a little and created this. I cut out scrapbook paper and stick black adhesive vinyl of a quote that I like onto the... Continue Reading →

Personalised Attitude Bag

As I'm recently into iron-on, I bought a bag online to try and personalise it. I wish I can sew, then I can sew my own tote bags (as I'm a bag lover)...BUT somehow the sewing machine and I do not get along. This is a reversible bag but I prefer this "heads" side as it... Continue Reading →

Polymer Clay Bread Label

I always wanted to try to use polymer clay to make something...but somehow I never seem to be able to get started even though I bought the clay months ago. Then my mum bought a new bread container at sale. The bread container actually looks great except for the logo. Finally, I found the reason to try out my polymer clay.... Continue Reading →

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