DIY Spinning Pinwheel


Pinwheels are really pretty and are actually quite easy to make. Moreover, there are lots of instructional videos and templates available online. I followed this link to make mine.

Despite following the steps in the video, my pinwheel couldn’t spin very well. After multiple trial and errors, I realise that adding an eyelet seems to work best for me. I place the paper through the eyelet and sort of hammer it down so that the eyelet will hold the paper in place.

After that, I put a big pin through the eyelet and poke it gently into the eraser part of the pencil. For me…this additional step of adding the eyelet is the key to making my pinwheel spin.

To view a video of the spinning pinwheels, visit and like my facebook page at

I bought the eyelets for this purpose and now I have so many left…for those who know me personally, do let me know if you want them k. For J who claims that she is my loyal fan who reads my every post…I can make this for your wedding deco if you want  😉

Story of my Pawrents

I was thinking about the decoration for our wedding reception and decided to make a vintage style banner. Then we started brainstorming and the “Ah-Ha” moment occurred when the phrase “Story of my Pawrents” came to our minds.

We both are definitely dog lovers but the hotel does not allow us to bring our dog for the wedding dinner. So having the banner together with our darling’s photo seem to make everything more complete. At least that’s what I think.

I chose this green and brown colour combination as it has a vintage feel that is subtle yet warm. The banner is finally ready for the day =)


If you would like to customise a banner for your wedding, baby shower or any other special occasions, feel free to drop me a note to discuss.

Rainbow & Polka Dot Bookmarks

I have a soft spot for stationery especially papers and stickers. I was joking with my friends that I can open up a stationery shop with all my stationery! Oh no…maybe I have unknowingly developed a hoarding disorder!

Anyway, I bought some new colour papers and decided to make a few more customised bookmarks. Love the colours…all so bright and cheery! I made the yellow polka dot & pink glitter bookmark specially for a little girl as her favourite colour is pink and second favourite colour is yellow. I was trying to create a princess feel with that bookmark…since most little girls love anything “princess-ish”! Hopefully she will like it =)


Unique finds…

My mum recently came back from her holiday in Spain and bought these two tiles of our initials. I wish she had bought more!

The colours are beautifully vibrant and I was trying to see where it fits best in my home. Finally…I decided that it goes best with my kitchen tiles, spicing up the kitchen with its design and colours.


To side track…I love buying stuff for the home when I’m on holiday…overseas-findAnd I wonder when can I ever begin my minimalist lifestyle like this  I guess I still need some time (and maybe some more age) to reach this stage in life =)


Heartwarming Magnets

These magnets are one of my all time favourite creations…as I love its warm colours and heartwarming feel.

I made them randomly using paper and glass dome. The pictures were not drawn by me…though I wish I had such ability. The pictures were from a letter pad that I have kept for the longest time. I wrote the quotes in pencil to give the magnets a more old school vintage feel. The only picture drawn by me is the Coffee Magnet…inspired by my love for coffee. Each design only come in 1 unique piece  🙂


Simple DIY phone case decoration

It all started when my old phone case chipped…and M ordered a new translucent phone case for me online. When I received my new case, it looks boring…so I decided to beautify it a little and created this.

iphone cover

I cut out scrapbook paper and stick black adhesive vinyl of a quote that I like onto the paper and its done! I could have printed the quote on the paper but I wanted a slightly more 3D feel so I used vinyl instead.

The best part about using a translucent/transparent phone case is I can create and change the design anytime I like and it doesn’t cost much.

So after a few weeks, I created another design. This time I drew my design, scanned (because I wanted to keep the original drawing) and printed it on silver construction paper. Then I cut it out.

DIY iphone cover

A friend saw and commented that she can tell it’s hand drawn as the circles are not perfectly round but to me…a little imperfection is what makes it perfect!

Subsequently, my mum saw how easy it was to decorate a phone case and asked me to design one for her…and so her wish was my command.

What I did

  1. Draw a picture and scan it (because I want to keep the original drawing).
  2. Print 2 versions of a picture (1 original, 1 with sepia filter) on a white construction paper.

Photo 21-8-16, 11 56 48 AM

3. Measure and cut out the pictures in the dimension of the phone cover.

4. Place the paper into the transparent case and it’s done!

Now my mum can use whichever design she wants and maybe when I have more inspirations, I will design another new phone case for her.



Personalised Attitude Bag

As I’m recently into iron-on, I bought a bag online to try and personalise it. I wish I can sew, then I can sew my own tote bags (as I’m a bag lover)…BUT somehow the sewing machine and I do not get along.

This is a reversible bag but I prefer this “heads” side as it somehow has more character.


So I begin the design for my iron-on. I love quotes with an attitude and decide to go with the quote “I don’t care what you think about ME.” I feel that it fits the design of the bag and my personality.

Here’s the completed attitude bag…


THEN…I realised a mistake. The “heads” were all upside down!!! 

I didn’t notice that the bag had 2 DIFFERENT sides…1 with the heads facing the right way and the other one with the heads facing the opposite direction. Thankfully, the quote made the mistake look perfectly fine…and gave it a more attitude feel.

I carried my bag out the next day and asked 2 friends to spot the mistake and they couldn’t. They thought that the heads were intentionally in the opposite direction.

YEAH! I’m happy with my new ATTITUDE bag!


Polymer Clay Bread Label

I always wanted to try to use polymer clay to make something…but somehow I never seem to be able to get started even though I bought the clay months ago.

Then my mum bought a new bread container at sale. The bread container actually looks great except for the logo.

Finally, I found the reason to try out my polymer clay. I used an alphabet mold to shape the polymer clay and used a toothpick to create some texture.

So here it is after baking…

Polymer Clay Bread Label

After cooling it, I used a craft glue and sticked it onto the bread container to cover the logo. I’m actually very pleased with the final result…somehow it gives the bread container a little more character…or maybe it’s just me…haha!

Polymer Clay Bread Label on Bread Container

Customised Baby Romper with matching Bib

My girly has invited me over to her place for her son’s baby shower so I thought it would be nice to customise a baby romper and bib for her little handsome boy, Elijah.

I ordered the heat transfer vinyl from and went shopping for a baby romper and bib. It’s amazing how much difficulty I had shopping for baby clothing…e.g. I didn’t know where was a good place to get baby clothing (because I do most of my own shopping online but it was too late to buy online now) and there were like soooo many sizes!!! Finally, I bought a romper and bib from a shop at Wisma after sending multiple photos and texting a friend for opinion.

This is my first time using heat transfer vinyl and yes…I’m a little apprehensive. I cut the glitter vinyl with my cutter and carefully place it on the clothing before ironing it on.

Of course I tried on the bib first…

Customised Baby Bib

Yeah…it looks great! And so I moved on to the romper…

Customised Baby romper

Hee…I’m actually quite pleased with the results and I especially love the turquoise glitter. I think I should customise a t-shirt or bag for myself next… ….

I read online that it is best to hand wash iron-on clothing…but that’s such a hassle. Other alternatives include turning the clothing inside out before wash, use gentle machine wash and never to iron on the design directly.