Wolfberry Fruit Container

I love creating labels…they are so fun and easy!

My latest creation is this wolfberry fruit 枸杞子 label. Most people prefer cooking wolfberry fruit in their soups or drinking it with tea. However, I prefer eating it on its own as it tastes somewhat sweet and chewy, similar to raisins. 

I simply reused a biscuit container that I like (because of its silver lid) and added a wolfberry fruit label onto it. Now, it is the designated wolfberry fruit container which my mum constantly refills only with wolfberry fruit…YEAH! 


Some time back, I came across some pretty plastic containers with a gold lid which I couldn’t resist not buying. So I bought them and created a different label for each container. It’s weird that I created two Nuts label despite I do not eat any type of nuts at all. I guess I just like making new stuff but then again I can’t keep them all…so these pretty containers are for sale…do check them out here.

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