Colourful Customised Bookmarks

As Teachers' Day is approaching, an appreciative teacher asked me to help create customised bookmarks for her fellow colleagues, which I readily agreed. These bookmarks may look simple and easy to make but they are not. Not only are they time consuming, they also require tonnes of patience. Furthermore, I had a lot of problems calibrating my... Continue Reading →

Wolfberry Fruit Container

I love creating labels...they are so fun and easy! My latest creation is this wolfberry fruit 枸杞子 label. Most people prefer cooking wolfberry fruit in their soups or drinking it with tea. However, I prefer eating it on its own as it tastes somewhat sweet and chewy, similar to raisins.  I simply reused a biscuit container that I like (because of... Continue Reading →

Decoupage Drawer & Cabinet Knobs

This is what I do when I'm bored...decoupage drawer knobs and change them when I feel like it. I've decoupage the knobs for my tv console, coffee table drawers, study room drawers and kitchen cabinets. Most of the knobs were original, those that came together with my furniture. I simply unscrew them out, decoupage them and place... Continue Reading →


These customised plastic and metal cans were a request from a sweet and caring teacher who wanted to give her students a present to encourage them for their upcoming exams. The customised cans included the name of student, class and the teacher's 2-word message to them. Now the teacher is able to place some treats inside the cans and... Continue Reading →

Car Sticker Decal

A personalised hand drawn logo that is cut on vinyl stickers of 2 different colours. Looks simple & subtle...just like how the owner wanted it to be.

Pastel Paper Flower Balls

I saw many different types of paper flower balls online and thought that it would be really nice to have a few pastel flower balls on my wedding reception table. Moreover, it didn't look that difficult to make since all I needed was styrofoam balls, massive amount of pins, and paper cut-out. However, what I didn't realise... Continue Reading →

Bathroom Labels

I simply love creating how can I say "No" to someone who has requested for a replacement of the bathroom labels on the existing containers. Here they are...

Sprucing up CNY Containers

We usually try to reuse containers from the Chinese New Year goodies but the red lid simply didn't fit in or at least that's how I feel. So I painted the lid and added a label for the container. Now it fits in perfectly =)

Live in the Moment

These drawings were inspired and drawn after my beach resort holiday, island hopping trips and long hours in the sea and pool. They are definitely far from perfection but effectively conveys my feelings of tranquility and simplicity. Taking a break allows us to spend quality time with the ones who matter most and appreciating the simple... Continue Reading →

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