Farewell Card…

My hubby asked me to help him make a farewell card for his ex boss and so here it is. The words are from him, which I actually really like…Singlish with a touch of humour.

Nutritious Lunch Jar

My friend, Shumei, asked if I could make a name label for her DIY lunch jar and of course I agreed. I gave her the label and she pasted it on her lunch jar. She even took these photos to show me. Honestly, her lunch looks deliciously healthy!

Chocolate Banana Bread

The current positive thing about my job is that I have time to do things that I enjoy, like baking.

I baked this banana bread because of a "minion" in my office who loves banana 🍌 . I added in chocolate because chocolate somehow seems to make everything yummier (coming from a chocoholic).

Review from the "minion":
The bread is "very flavourful but not soft enough".

😅 Maybe I should try baking something else instead…like gula melaka chiffon cake…triggered by the delicious pandan gula melaka cake which an ex-colleague bought for us the other day.

Let New Adventures Begin…

After having a good night’s sleep, I tend to have more energy to implement my inspiration…

I customised this container for the intern at my workplace who will be completing her internship at the end of this week. Then I placed skittles into the container. Now it looks so colourful and cheery…reminds me of my favourite disney movie “Up”.
Hope she enjoys her upcoming break and her future endeavours into the working life 🙂

DIY Lunch – Tuna Mayo Riceball & Chicken Teriyaki Don

Cooking is not my forte and I don’t really like to cook. But I’m in a good and relax mood today and I don’t mind whipping up something simple for lunch.

I’ve always wanted to try making korean riceball ever since a friend brought me to try it at some korean restaurant. As for the chicken teriyaki don, it was made upon request from the hubby who has set his mind on disliking my riceball even before I attempt it.

Honestly…I enjoy the process of decorating my food and taking photos of it rather than the process of actually cooking it.

I’m definitely not a chef material…heehee!





Birdies on the Balcony

These cute 3D origami birdies are made by my mum…I’m truly impressed!

It requires tremendous amount of patience, as she has been cutting and folding papers at home for days. Now I know where my stack of coloured A4 papers have gone to…hee!

Customised Unity Candle

My girly is finally getting married and I’m extremely happy for her. I asked if she needed any help with her wedding and she only asked if I could help customise a unity candle for her.

I honestly didn’t know what a unity candle was so I googled it. She also helped by providing me with a picture of it.

So the rest was up to me…I bought the candle and the other materials and began the project…

Here’s the final product 🙂


Birdie Birdie Birdie…

This doodle is inspired from an art exhibition that I want to go to (but haven’t found time to go yet) and probably also from my colleagues, who seem to love birds…especially J who has many little cute birdies on her table. 

Pumpkin Doggie Treats

As usual, I have been busy with work again, so the only thing I’ve managed to do is to bake some healthy treats for my darling.

This time, it is pumpkin, oats and peanut butter treats. She loves it as always…hmm…but what doesn’t she love…heehee! 

I still have quite a bit of pumpkin treats though I’ve already halved the recipe. I must ask my “neighbour” if she wants some for her doggie. Or maybe I should just carry the treats along and share it with other dogs when I bring Ellie for a walk 🙂

Fresh Breath Healthy Doggie Treats

I have a greedy princess at home who LOVES eating.

So when I chanced upon this website which had a recipe that seems easy enough for me, I decided to bake it for my little darling. The only difference was that I used a silicon mold instead of a cookie cutter which I felt was actually easier to manage. Fresh Breath TreatsI know I should have chopped the parsley more finely. Fresh Breath Treats (2)Fresh Breath Treat (3)Nevertheless, my greedy girl loves the treat! Fresh Breath Treat (4)For this photo, she was having a hard time practising self-control…heehee!

Note for baking dummies like me…
Parsley and coriander are different, though they look quite similar. The shape of their leaves are different and their smell vary. I only learned about this after reading this.